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A Message from the Founders:

I believe it was Plato who spoke the phrase "Necessity is the Mother of Invention". It was with this thinking that some of the first fire sprinklers invented in the late 1800's were installed in a piano factory. Henry S. Parmalee needed a way to protect his New Haven Connecticut Piano factory while building his pianos for the players that would enjoy them. While refining the sound of the piano he also refined the fire sprinkler and his patents have sounded all the way into this new millennium. The fire sprinkler has proven to be more than play and its success is the sound of music to many ears.

More than a few years have now passed since I was first introduced to the fire sprinkler industry. My journey began in 1973 through a brief encounter with a friend that I had not seen in a while. There are times when I mentally travel back the 36 years to the conversation that directed me to install my first fire sprinkler. I now wonder how my life might have been different if I had not run into my friend on that wintery day as he and a helper restored an old dry pipe valve to service. That unexpected and brief encounter opened the door to a great life in this life safety business and along the way we have met many wonderful people. Since that day we have had the privilege to witness significant changes in the industry as it has responded to the life safety needs of society.

In the early 70's the demand for fire sprinklers was narrowly focused on property protection for commercial and industrial properties. At that time we could name the list of prominent fire sprinklers in the country from memory. There was no Texas State RME List and NICET certification for designers was not a consideration. The drafting board utilizing pipe schedule design with standard sprinklers and steel pipe was the norm. If hydraulic calculations were performed they were likely to be done with a sharp No. 2 pencil accompanied by a sharp mind. The last four decades have seen the industry evolve and change to include single family and multifamily residential life safety systems plus a lot more. Computer generated hydraulically designed systems utilizing fast response technology along with alternative materials such as copper and "CPVC" plastics are now the standard for fire sprinkler installations. While we have experienced the formation of the life safety design for residential we have also witnessed many changes in the design and protection of commercial properties. Early Suppression Fast Response and large drop sprinkler technology along with other special application sprinklers arrive with each new standard. The manufactures are constantly looking for new design and products that can be listed and approved to better our industry. There are now more than a few qualified fire sprinkler contractors employing many that are benefiting from this great industry. More than ever the American society now recognizes the benefit of fire sprinklers and we are all safer because of them.

In the middle 80's multi-family construction placed the demand on the fire sprinkler industry for a cost efficient fire sprinkler design and installation. Wood joist and truss construction typical in the multi-family market would beg for a new look at the way fire sprinkler systems were designed and installed. There were few fire sprinkler companies or designers that knew anything about meeting the demands of the residential market at that time. We were fortunate to be included in a minority of design professionals who took the newly developed NFPA residential standards and constructed approved installations that would stand the test of time. Out of necessity we invented methods to pipe residential systems that met the needs of construction while complying with the new NFPA Standards. Those design methods birthed in the 80's have stood the test of time and are still being used throughout the market place today.

In was out of this experience that I along with my wife Debra founded BLAZE-X SPRINKLER CORPORATION. We had spent all of our married life in the fire sprinkler industry and jointly we pooled our sales, design and field experience together and applied the effort to form a company that we could be proud of. We were of the strong belief that we could set a standard and provide a degree of excellence to the market that was greatly needed at that time. Today we know we have achieved that standard and the goal of excellence set back then.

Today BLAZE-X SPRINKLER CORPORATION stands proud and proven in the multi-family market as well as the commercial. We have been blessed with loyal employees that we feel are the best in the industry. Most of them have been with us since the company began. Collectively our key employees alone contribute over 100 years of fire sprinkler experience to the company and the industry.

We have had the privilege of working with many wonderful customers and most of them time and time again. Our appreciation goes out to every General Contractor, Owner, Developer, Architect and Engineering firm who have provided us with opportunities over the last two decades. We extend to you our sincere offer of thanks for the many years of business.

This industry will continue to change and we are poised and ready to meet the challenge while maintaining our position at the top of the industry for providing professional yet cost efficient fire sprinkler design and installation for any project that we encounter.

From that first installed sprinkler we along with friends have installed millions of fire sprinklers. Only the Good Lord above knows the names of the many lives that have been saved in this life safety business. Each year Americans continue to suffer loss of life and property in structures that are not protected with sprinklers. We now have the proof that Fire Sprinklers save lives and properties. Henry S. Parmalee had that tune down a century ago in his piano factory. Let the praises continue to ring into the new millennium.

We thank you Lord for your goodness, strength and breath you have given us to enjoy the success of this industry and we petition you for your strength, wisdom and prosperity as we face the future.

John R. Helm
Debra N. Helm

Located in DeSoto, TX, serving Dallas, Fort Worth, and all of North Texas

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